Monday, April 30, 2018

Try and Focus

Image may contain: 1 person, textSo stuff like this gets posted and shared. I think someone's trying to make a very twisted point about guns here. Here's the answer: We blame the driver.
If you're trying to make a point about guns here, I have a few thoughts:
1. The van was NEVER built or sold as a weapon. There was no intent on the part of the manufacturer that it would be used to kill people or animals or even plants. 
2. Before we're able to legally use a van, we're required to have training in driving. All 50 states require licenses and insurance. 
3. If you think that a van is analogous a gun (i.e. a weapon or an "arm"), then it must be protected under the second amendment. So according to the interpretation of most people posting this kind of thing, we shouldn't put any restrictions on vans whatsoever.
4. Criminals cause crime. They'll act with whatever instrument they chose. No amount of regulation will keep criminals from existing. Some people are assholes. We can try to control them with laws. It won't always work.
5. All the other comparisons (like how many people die of cancer, are killed by cars, how many abortions, etc.) are not subject to gun laws. 
If we're going to do something about guns, then do something about guns. Make the debate about guns. Everything else can go in some other debate.  

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