Friday, April 20, 2018

Hope Water Project

One of our charities for the Grand Rapids Marathon. Last night I went to their kickoff for this year's training for the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. I came away inspired!

Last year, the chapter here brought 120 runners to our event. They raised $140,000. They put in enough wells in Africa to provide fresh water to villages with 9000 people. 

In the process, lots of people became friends. Lots of people became healthier. People set goals and accomplished them. People became friends and supported each other. 

I witnessed success. Even among the new people for this year. "How many people are freaked out right now?", Ron Bussa asked at the beginning of the program. A bunch of the new people raised their hands. 

Hope Water International founder Bill Clark in his remarks said "If your goals don't scare you, they're not big enough." So there you go--new freaked out people. You've already been successful in the program without even realizing it! You've set a big enough goal!

We're proud to have Hope Water Project as one of our charities here in Grand Rapids. I look forward to meeting you as you cross that FINISH LINE in October.

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