Friday, April 13, 2018

It Takes Both Teams To Have A Game

I got into a brief discussion with a guy I don't really know very well yesterday. He started in with "oh, you're a Trump supporter," and starting to go off on some of the disrespectful dialog we hear so much of lately.

"No, I'm not a Trump supporter. But he's the guy we elected."

"I didn't elect him. Maybe you elected him."

I decided to cut the conversation fairly short, because clearly it was just a guy wanting to get confrontational for no good reason.

But it got me thinking later. (What follows is the point I'm making, so don't turn this into a Trump is good or bad discussion!!!)

When there are two teams playing a game, one of them wins. (I know some games can end in a tie, but ignore those for the sake of this discussion.)

Can you ever give 100% credit for the win to the winning team? NO. The losing team also had a lot to do with it. One team prepared better than the other. They put the right people on the floor. The team that lost maybe didn't prepare for a particular aspect of the battle. They put the wrong person in at the wrong time. They didn't prepare for everything the other guys were going to throw at them. Both winners and losers get the credit for the outcome.

We all voted in the last election, right? Whether your person won or lost, we were all part of the process. So instead of blaming the problems on the winner (conservatives and liberals have taken turns at this in the last couple of elections) we should prepare ourselves better for the next election. Put the best team on the floor. Make sure the people are getting what they should have.

And yes, whoever we each voted for, it wasn't just the winning side. It was WE THE PEOPLE who elected President Trump, President Obama, President Bush, ....

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