Monday, August 16, 2010

The Life of a Race Director

From Thursday, 12 August
Dave Sheble and I have been playing phone tag for a day or so and finally hooked up this afternoon.  "How you doing Dave?"  I asked.  He laughed at me.  "You know EXACTLY how I'm doing!"

He was right.  Dave is a new race director of the new Fox Valley Marathon.  He's just over a month out from his first marathon.  And I DO know exactly how he's doing!  

He's in what I refer to the "constant motion" time of planning a race.  It's not necessarily a crazy time (Dave might disagree), but it is a time when you get up in the morning and pretty much keep going until you hit the sack about 18 hours later.  I find it REAL enjoyable.  It's about that time for me right now too.  LOTS of little projects to do, and most of them are fun.  Today was a "normal" day for me.  Boot Camp at 5:30 a.m.  Work on new maps for the Milford 30K I measured on Sunday.  Answer emails.  Order staff jackets.  Pick up kids marathon flyers and deliver them to staffer Pat Carey to distribute.  Pick up some paperwork from Gazelle.  Meet Dan Droski back at my place to loan him some coolers and stuff for his Fallsburg Marathon this weekend.  Meet withHighland Group to approve artwork for shirts, Pepsi truck backs, and Kids Marathon posters.  Work on a few things back at home for a couple hours, then go meet up with the No Surrender Running Club for a 4-mile run with some inner-city kids who are doing their first half-marathon right here at home on October 17th.  Relax and work on my newsletter that I really would like to have gotten out yesterday.  Then the lovely Francine walks in wearing (CUT TO COMMERCIAL)

We'll be at Gazelle Sports in Grand Rapids this Saturday from 10 - 1.  In-store registration discount, and lots of great merchandise to check out while you're there. 
The staff keeps copying me on stuff they're doing.  Lynne is working on getting all the volunteer groups into the mix.  George and Andy are working the Start/Finish "village" to make it even better than before.  Ann's looking for expo exhibitors & goody bag stuffers.  There's stuff going on ALL THE TIME!

Fox Valley--Now, back to Dave.  One of the cool things they're doing down there is doing a 20 mile race along with their full and half.  In fact, for those of you in the Illinois area, it's our official 20 mile training run for all of you.  Check 'em out!
Friday morning is coming.  Can't wait!