Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Singing with the voice you have

I posted on Facebook the other day something that popped into my head while driving down the road: We all have to sing with the voice that we have. The sad part is that people don't let their music come out.

It occurred to me that this also applies to the running world. Everybody has a different "voice to sing with." The guys who run out front, going for the win. The charity runners who are raising money for a good cause or a friend who was a victim of something. The people who lost a ton of weight and totally turned their lives around. The bucket list people. The thousands of runners with thousands of stories. 

We all feel the same joy, the same pain, the same struggle, the same victory. We're singing different parts, but the harmony is amazing. 

P.S. You don't have to be good. Ever listen to Bob Dylan sing? You all know who Bob Dylan is, right? (Maybe that's all the metaphors I'll use for today.)

Friday, June 06, 2014


A little bit ago, I had an interview with Croft Edwards about LEADERSHIP. Croft blogs about leadership, and was interested in what happens at our marathon. Seems it's pretty easy to look at our staff and recognize that LEADERSHIP IS HAPPENING!
There will be some pretty good blog entries coming up, but in the course of the interview, he got me thinking about the world's coolest marathon staff.
If you've run any of our events, you know that I'm really proud of every one of our staff members. They are ALL leaders. They have some great traits that make them that way:
PASSION--Nearly every one of our staff members is a marathon runner. Ranging from one marathon to over 100, they love running marathons. That passion shows as we prepare for your marathon
CONFIDENCE--Setting and achieving big goals is a key to building confidence. These people personify that! They're accomplished not only in their running, but most are successful in their careers and businesses as well. 
WILLINGNESS--From top to bottom, everyone is ready and willing to get his or her hands dirty. We lead by example, jumping in where ever needed.
I'm not going to spend the day writing about them, but I could. Everyone on our staff is amazing. I love these people. They are awesome! Over the summer I'll share some of the staff stories with you. 

Lots of new runners this year, because of a brand new charity partnership. Team World Vision. Keep an eye here and we'll update you on that too. They're about to kick off their training season as well. 

Summer plans? This weekend, the GR Tri. Half Iron distance. July--heading to Europe to knock a couple things off the life list. RUNING WITH THE BULLS in Pamplona, and KISSING THE BLARNEY STONE. Oh, and between those two things, run a couple marathons with the lovely Francine. 

Lots more adventures planned. Share your summer plans with us on our Facebook page

See you at the finish line.