Sunday, April 15, 2018

Not sure I'll live Forever

Last time I went in for a physical a couple things came back. Swelling in my neck that with some followup and more doctors turns out my thyroid was really big on one side. (I didn't know where my thyroid was before that--should have paid more attention in science class.) In June or July I had half of my thyroid removed. No big deal-home that day and eating normally. 

Prostate--things change as guys get older. Stuff to keep an eye on and monitor. Teeth keep needing attention. 

But that brings up the next thought in my head. My own mortality. Not that I'm planning to die any time in the next 40 years, but here's my question: 

Why don't we ALWAYS live like we only had two more years? 

That would mean we stop putting stuff off. Sign up for a trip. Get an estate plan in place. Let someone know where things are. Write good short summaries of everything so somebody can find it somewhere. Spend more time with kids, parents, grandkids. Train your replacement. Write that sonnet. Or novel. 

Stuff like that. Maybe it won't last long, but I'm going to start today by doing just a little bit better. What if I only have two years. May as well make it as amazing as possible. Then I'll work on the next two. 

Meanwhile, I'll deal with the problems when I find out that they really are problems. Right now, they're just unknown stuff. We'll see what happens later.

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