Thursday, April 19, 2018

Posting Stupid Stuff

Almost everyday one of my friends on Facebook shares something that is totally false.

I know the intentions are good, but really---

The newspaper that had the same picture on the same day but with different story content. Yeah, it happened, but not with the intent that was below the "meme" which indicated that it was a different story for a different political area designed to be part of the media brainwashing us. It was the early edition in one picture, and the later edition in the second--and a lot had happened to change the story between the two times.

The massive UFO picture taken in Australia that is amazing everyone.

The kid who just wants a million person people to say happy birthday to him before he dies of a rare disease. Then you find out that the kid died four years ago.

And the green moon thing that's happening on 4/20. Seriously?

People--if it's really stupid or weird, at least Google it before you repost it.

If this gets a million likes, I'll post a naked picture of myself on the Internet.

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