Thursday, April 12, 2018

I'm going to be in another movie

I'll probably never be a movie star

Maybe you've heard of the Marathon Maniacs. Well, my good friend Nelsen Petersen is making a movie about them. (Or I should say, about us.) He's also posting some of the interviews he does along the way. This week, he talked to me about the Millennium Meadows Marathon, the newest of our events. So if you want to know more about The Meadows, or are wondering why running marathons are similar to having babies, check out this You Tube video from Nelsen. (Yes, I'm aware that a finisher medal doesn't require 18 years of constant attention after you get it, so go easy with your comments!) 

I've been in a few of Nelsen's videos, including the 2003 North Pole Marathon, and a few others along the way. 

My big screen premier was, in Our Beautiful Secret, the story of Jonathan Peavey and his family. The whole thing is out there on YouTube. 

I'm probably never going to be a movie star, but it's fun being involved once in a while. 

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