Monday, May 06, 2013

River Bank Run Week!

It's here! The Fifth Third River Bank Run is this Saturday. It's like a holiday for runners here in Grand Rapids, with many people challenging themselves to a 25K distance for the first time ever.


It also has a special place in my heart. In 1995, somewhere out around six or seven miles on Indian Mounds Road, I listened as a couple runners talked about marathon training. Before we turned off Indian Mounds, I decided training for a marathon that fall was my next big goal. 


The next day was spent with very sore legs. But the summer was spent building up my long runs and visualizing that first marathon medal hanging around my neck. I'd get up super early on Sunday mornings so I could run longer and longer on the back roads around Martin, Michigan. It was an exciting time of life.


THE RIVER BANK RUN CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It sure changed mine. Hope to see you out there this weekend.

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