Friday, May 31, 2013

No Time Like the Present

The big "Milestones" serve to remind us how special life is. They help us to connect to our roots. 


We're not always going to do things that are of a spectacular nature. But even the little things we do go a long way to affecting the lives of those around us. I learned that in part from my little sister. As RUNNERS, we know that. We run for personal reasons, of course. We run to stay healthy and to achieve personal goals.


We also run to connect with friends, and in doing so we help each other through our various problems and challenges. 


We run, and set a great example for our families. They see the benefits of setting goals and working through a plan. They learn the joys of physical fitness.


We run, so that we'll still be there for the people we love far into the future.


Now is the time we have. Use it wisely.  

I'll see you at the finish line in October.

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