Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Fan Club Needs a New President

This edition is pretty personal, but I've been running for a lot of years now, and my running friends have become part of my family. In honor of my sister, Lauraine Kern Emmons.

It's been an interesting last week and a half. A reminder that life is important and we shouldn't wait to do what needs to be done.


She was the self proclaimed president of the "Marathon Don Fan Club." She bragged about me all the time, and even thought almost ALL of my jokes were funny. She's my little sister. I got a call from my brother-in-law, Brian, on Friday just over a week ago. It wasn't good news.


and the adventure continues ...


The next generations go on - after the funeral on Monday, Tuesday was a three-day trip to Mackinac Island with my middle granddaughter, Amber, for a third-grade field trip. Friday night, her brother Cody graduated from Hopkins High School. 


The lovely Francine and I spent the weekend in Cheyenne, Wyoming with my good friend, Brent Weigner, and his wife, Sue. Brent directs the Wyoming Marathon, and on Sunday we celebrated my sister Lauraine's life by running the marathon in her honor. 


I had LOTS of time on Sunday to remember the 53 years we spent together. Time to smile, cry, sometimes regret that we didn't do more together. Time to reflect on the things she left behind. She was the one who kept up on the family stuff, keeping track of everyone. She drove up to visit my Grandma once a week. (Grandma will be 99 in July.) I called her once just to recruit her to travel on a marathon trip with Francine so she wouldn't have to road-trip alone.

We have right now.

This past week has been a great reminder that we shouldn't waste the time we have. Right now we need to pay attention to the things and the people who are important. Right now, we need to work on our goals and our relationships. Right now is the time we have. We need to use it wisely.

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