Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be Vigilant, Not Fearful

Be vigilant, but don't live in fear. One of the questions that the press was asking as soon as the events took place in Boston was about the implication for other events. My answer: None! We pay attention to what's going on around us. We have great first responders trained to deal with emergency situations. But we're not going to let a couple of young punks change our lives.

Like in Boston, Americans come together at times like these. We won't live our lives in fear, and we'll continue to work toward our goals. There is more good than evil in this world. The people of Boston proved that on Monday by pouring out their hearts and homes to the guests in their city. Now, runners across the nation are proving it as we run events to help with the recovery in Boston. Bostonians, Americans, Runners! Great people!

Lots of runners who qualified at the marathon here in Grand Rapids will be in Boston again next year. Many more will qualify here this year. 

I'll see you at the finish line in October.

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