Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Whole World is the Same

Well, maybe that's an over-simplification, but after being in a lot of different countries, it occurred to me this afternoon while walking around Curitiba (Brazil).  Let me share a couple observations:

Stores - Everyone wants the same stuff.  Food, clothing, entertainment, bread and milk, soap, toothpaste, etc.
Restaurants - McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, .....  We can eat virtually the same fast-food everywhere in the world.
Religion - Catholic churches.  Jewish temples.  Islamic mosques.  They're everywhere.
People - Hold hands, play with their kids, find work to do.  There are rich people, poor people, homeless people in all countries, rich or poor.  Women dress to look nice.  Men look at them.
Cars - Lots of the same brands in every country.  Audi, BMW, Ford, VW....
Entertainment - Watching sports on TV.  TV.  Music.

I'm thinking that you could live most anywhere and figure out how to make it.  May have to learn a new language or something, but even the languages are expressing the same thoughts all over the world.

OK, Antarctica isn't going to have a McDonalds.  Or a brewery.  But most everywhere else will.

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