Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 November - Race Numbers

Another nice day--relaxing during the morning and catching up on some reading. This afternoon it was time to pick up my race bib. I decided to skip the walk down the hill today to save my legs for tomorrow, so I took the bus down to Locarno, walked around for a bit, then got the next bus over toward Tenero. I hopped off a couple stops early just so I could walk around the lake to the Sport Center. Watching crews set up for a marathon is exciting to me--I love to see how other races do things. Whoever is organizing this one has a great team working. On one of the sports fields right near the marathon course they were playing American football--they were even yelling in English "PASS" "TIME OUT"... Seemed familiar, yet strangely out of place. I managed to meet the Race Director, Pier Paoni, and through an interpreter had a short conversation. I stayed around the race site for a little while, but the expo was pretty small--only a small "running store" vendor and a shoe company. Then I heard someone close to me saying, "So I'll pick you up at about 7:15 then." Hey, wait a minute! I understood that! A group from the American School in Lugano were there. They're all running the half tomorrow. We had a nice conversation before heading off in different directions. On the bus back, I overheard someone getting on if the bus went to Brione. He also mentioned the Hotel Della Valle. Another marathon runner staying at my hotel. He and his friend came up here with me. Another English-speaking couple were checking in as we came through the lobby. So we have a nice group of runners staying here now. And some people who speak English too! We're all getting together for dinner in an hour or so. I'm going to pin my race number on my shirt now and get things around for tomorrow. Feeling good. Looking forward to a good run.

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