Wednesday, November 09, 2011

And, now a word from our sponsors....

Let me just give a shout out to a couple sponsors who are helping in part with this adventure:

Gazelle Sports -- THE place to get running gear, they're the place to go for lots of quality stuff -- Saucony, Brooks, Hokas (interesting running shoes, I might add), Patagonia, and many other great brands.

Michigan Runner and The Running Network -- Art set me up with a camera and a bunch of video tapes, and while I'm pretty much a rookie at being a videographer, I'm sure he's skillful enough to edit my stuff into something useful.  You can follow the videos on Michigan Runner TV

And most importantly, while you're doing your year-end tax planning:

I'm pretty lucky to have legs that allow me to do what I do.  Not everyone is.  That's why I work with Alternatives in Motion, a local charity in Grand Rapids that provides wheelchairs to those who can't get them through normal health insurance avenues.  Every year, we help over 100 people with power wheel chairs and other means of mobility.  If you have use wheel chairs, power or manual, or would like to consider making a donation, please check us out at  All donations go directly to our mission--no middle-men!

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Mark VT said...

Hi Don. Great record attempt! I'm race director of the Grand rapids Urban Adventure Race and found out about it through the Gazelle facebook page. We're always looking for charitable partners so I'd love to hear more about Alternatives in Motion when you get back. Good luck in Ticino and beyond!