Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday morning, 11-11-11

Nice day yesterday, but still without much conversation.   I got back here and worked for a bit, then went out for a run--15 minutes straight up hill, then 15 minutes back down, which, of course, left me about a half mile from where I started.  The walk back was my cool down.  I'm looking forward to getting home for a couple days and talking to my homeys.  I'm thinking a beer at the Hideout is in order at least once.

I managed to find my way around the bus system and located the Tenero Sports Center.  Wow, what a cool place!
From where I sit here at the Hotel Dellavalle, I can look down over the whole marathon course.  We'll do a loop around the plain area at Tenero, then follow the edge of Lago Maggiore west to Locarno, loop around the plain area there and then back to Tenero to start all over again.  The double loop course has very little elevation change, and is at roughly the same elevation as Grand Rapids, so I should be right in my element.

The day I arrived, it was raining most of the day, but since then it's been nothing but nice weather.  Sunshine, mountains, palm trees.  What a beautiful place this is.

The time difference here is 6 hours.  It's mid-morning here.  Most of you back home are still snoozing.  Sweet dreams.

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