Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love Living in 2012!

Life is way convenient in this day and age.  A couple weeks ago, while waiting at a busy intersection to turn the corner, a lady had a slight lapse in something and hit the back of my van.  No whiplash or anything, but a nice dent in my back hatch door.  I whipped out my iPhone, took pictures of the damage, her license & proof of insurance and license plate, the street sign on the corner, and got phone numbers, etc.
On my way to my next appointment, I called Rod Smith, my agent, and told him what happened.  I pulled over, sent him all the pictures and a quick email.  About a week later, I stopped by Hansen Collision for an estimate. (The location that's just down the street from the Hideout Brewery) and they sent it to Rod.
Today I dropped off the van, Enterprise picked me up (just like they say on TV).  They don't have a car in yet, so they dropped me at Biggby Coffee for an hour or so where I'm drinking coffee and getting a bit of work done.  All this stuff and no lost time to speak of.  Pretty cool. I was planning to drink coffee and get some work done anyway.  

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