Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My 200th Marathon?

Leave it to old friends to get you involved in stuff.  My Saturday morning started out with an 8 mile run.  I went short that morning, because at 12:30, I was off to the First Centennial Vytautas Aid Society Marathon.  Yes, the shirt said 26.2 on it.  It conveniently omitted, however, the unit of measurement.  Which was "blocks."  Now, the good news was there were four air-conditioned aid stations.  The bad news--you had to pay for your own aid.  The good news--it was beer.
The Vytautas Hall is one of the "West Side" halls in Grand Rapids.  Lithuanian Catholics for the most part.  We have quite a few halls on the West Side--several Polish halls (Kosciuszko Hall served as race HQ for the first GR Marthon back in 2004, incidentally)  One of my best friends, Mary Kamsickas, invited me to their "marathon."  "Having you there would help legitimize the event."  Maybe I'm flattered.  Maybe some people have an interesting definition of "legitimate." 
Barto Funeral Home ("See you at the End") provided sandwiches and water.  It was a good time.  Oh--and I won!  Mary was the women's winner.  And her brother John won the wheel chair division.  Not bad for a sunny July Saturday.  Hope I'm around for the Second Centenial in another 100 years.

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