Wednesday, July 28, 2010

200 And Counting

My 200th marathon was on the 24th of July  in Salt Lake City.  

Other than the heat, the altitude, the mountains, and the relentless quad-busting downhills, it was a pretty easy marathon.  (Insert that little smiley emoticon thing here.) 
What hit me as I started though, wasn't the toughness of the course.  It was the amazing journey that started at the high school track one day back in 1994, doing two miles with my Tater Kater and finding out that if I ran slowly, I could get through two miles without stopping.  It continued, through my first 10K, my first River Bank Run, and my first marathon in Chicago in October 1995.  
Running marathons has opened up the world for me.  It has taken me to every state, to every continent, to places that many people will never visit.  Marathons aren't just about running.  It's more than that.  It's the ability to set a goal, make a plan, and follow it through to completion.   
If you're training for your first marathon, you're on the way to an amazing life!  If you've done one already, you already know.  You can do ANYTHING!
20000 Miles! 

I was just updating my website at a little bit ago when I realized that sometime in June I went over 20,000 LIFETIME MILES!  WOW!  I know that some people do that in only a few years, but for a kid who grew up with asthma and didn't really start running until only about 17 years ago, I'm pretty geeked about that.  My big goal is to run the circumferenc of the earth, which is 24,902 miles.  About 3 more years I'll have that DONE! 
Don't forget to set some goals, make some plans, and SIGN UP FOR SOMETHING! 

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