Tuesday, August 12, 2014

There's more

There's more inside you than you realize. It's something that I like to remind people over and over. If you've been reading my stuff for a few years, you know that!

Recently, I've been a lot more aware of that in my own training. In a bit of a rut after a couple years of knee problems, training wasn't as much fun. I fought my way through marathons because I like marathons. But they weren't as fun as they were 10 years ago. 

I also struggled with getting older. Things are not like they were a few years ago. We get slower. We heal a little bit slower. It happens. 

So recently I mixed it up a little bit. Legs are feeling better, but I'm really slow. So I started getting up first thing and just going out for a 2-mile run out-and-back from my house. In a short time I went from 10:30 miles to 10:00 miles. Cool. I signed up for the Grand Rapids Triathlon half-iron distance in June, and decided if I felt OK afterwards I'd sign up for Ironman Louisville. Well, that will keep a guy motivated. 

And then a friend told me about this little excursion in February. Check out http://www.triple7quest.com. And, of course, I need to do that. So, training is back on. There's nothing like signing up for stuff to motivate. 

Things heal. Injuries get better with a little patience. (And a little help from OAM Metro Sports Medicine, of course.) 

There's more. There's more strength inside you. There are more adventures. There's more fun to be had. Go for it.

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