Friday, July 26, 2013


Seven or eight years ago a bunch of us got together at Kosciuszko Hall for a special run. We were only going to run about two miles. It was in honor of my friend Kevin Holmes, who that day would log his 100,000th mile of running. 
Runners are crazy about their stats, their streaks, their accomplishments. It's part of what we are. The reason I'm thinking about that this week is because on Saturday, I ran my 241st marathon in Okoboji, Iowa. That day I went to about 990 miles left before I've logged 24,902 miles. That number also happens to be the circumference of the earth. Sometime early in 2014, about 20 years after I became a runner, I will log the mile that says I've run the distance around the world. 
Also in Okoboji, I ran into the 2011 winner of our marathon, Justin Gillette. He's a speedy guy, and went on to win Okoboji that day. Right now he has a pretty nice stat going -- he's won at least one marathon every month since February 2012. What's that -- 17 months in a row now?  Nice work Justin!
This year, our 10th running, we have a bunch of people who have run our marathon or half EVERY YEAR so far. I think we have everyone on the list, but if you're not, please let me know and I'll fix it. 

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