Friday, March 08, 2013

Seven Toughest Marathons

Yesterday someone shared this article on Facebook:  It lists the seven toughest marathons in the world. Among them are five that I've done -  Inca Trail Marathon in Peru (2004), Pikes Peak Marathon (2001 & 2004), Antarctic Ice Marathon (2007 & 2011), Blue Ridge Parkway Marathon (2011), and North Pole Marathon (2003). Only Mt. Everest Marathon and Great Wall Marathon to go. I'm planning on Great Wall in 2014. Don't know about Everest.

Six Foot Track, from Katoomba to Jenolin Caves in Australia (2007) and Speight's West Coaster at Bethel's Beach New Zealand are both tougher than a couple of the list above, incidentally.

Anyone else do better than 5?

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